On Guard

An Apologetics Guide by Dr. William Lane Craig

On Guard

On Guard is an 8-part apologetics course developed by Dr. WIlliam Lane Craig based on his book of the same name. The course seeks to equip believers with the knowledge and skills to defend their faith. Each session will take about 1 to 1.5 hours, beginning with a video of Dr. Craig covering the topic, followed by a time of discussion. You may view a trailer of the series and a synopsis of each session below.

Do contact us if you would like to find out more or if you would like us to conduct the course at your church or ministry. We can do a shortened version to meet the needs of the church.

We have conducted this at our monthly sessions since April 2016!

  1. What is apologetics? - Apologetics is making a case for the truth of Christianity. This session explores the importance of apologetics in shaping culture, strengthening believers and winning unbelievers.

  2. Why does anything at all exist? - This session explores why God exists necessarily and is the explanation for why anything else exists.

  3. Why did the universe begin? - This session explores the philosophical and scientific evidence behind the universe coming into existence and how that provides evidence for God's existence.

  4. Why is the universe fine-tuned for life? - This session evaluates the possible explanations for the delicate balance of initial conditions that permitted life.

  5. Can we be good without God? - Are moral values and duties objective or are they expressions of personal preference? This session explores why God is the only possible foundation for objective values and duties.

  6. What about suffering? - Is the extent and depth of suffering in the world a good reason to reject belief in God? This session examines how Christians can approach this issue and how Jesus is the answer to our suffering.

  7. Did Jesus rise from the dead? - This session examines the historical evidence surrounding the empty tomb of Jesus, and why the explanation that God raised Jesus from the dead best explains the evidence.

  8. Are there many ways to God? - In today's pluralistic culture, is it wrong to say that Jesus is the only way to salvation? How should we respond to views that God is unjust or unloving?